I’ve practiced yoga for several years, so when I got pregnant I continued to practice with my regular class until I was about 16 weeks along. At that point, my belly had popped out too much to continue with my regular class so I signed up for prenatal yoga. My initial expectations for the class was simply to continue my yoga practice with poses that were safe for myself and my baby. However, I found that the relaxation exercises done at the beginning and end of the class really helped me to bond with my baby throughout the pregnancy. I found that after only a few classes, I really looked forward to having a designated time every week where I could focus on my growing baby and progressing pregnancy. The speakers that came at the end of every class were always interesting and informative and provided me with information that I might not have otherwise considered regarding pre and post-natal care for both mom and baby. The class was very informal and it was great to meet a community of women who were all experiencing pregnancy together. Chelsea was a great instructor and I will certainly be checking out the mom and baby yoga class after my baby is born! ~ Angie

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